Dust & Breath Weekly Top 5

Here it is Fam, Keep on thriving and be sure to check out our Detox Series.

1. Kendall’s New Tattoo

After her appearance on the Ellen Show, it became public knowledge that A-List Supermodel Kendall Jenner had recently gotten fresh ink. Upon a little pressure from Ellen and a live audience Kendall dawned her lip tattoo that reads “Meow”. She’s just like us and just impulsively got a tattoo. Props to you Ken Jen, check out her ink, here.

2. Stranger Things Cast Gets A Raise

Looks like the cast of Netflix hit, Stranger Things are getting a big pay raise. The Hollywood reporter stated that the main cast including Winona Ryder and David Harbour will be making $350,000 per episode will the boys will be getting $250,000 per episode. As far as Eleven is considered Miss Millie Bobby Brown negotiated her contract separately and will be receiving an upwards of $350,000 per episode. Check out this article by People, here, for more info.

3. RIP Fake News

Earlier this week Google announced that is planning on spending around $300 Million to rid the internet of infamous fake news mishaps. In efforts to support legitimate journalism they will be fighting misinformation and providing journalists with tools to help better complete their jobs. The initiative is being referred to as the “Google News Initiative.”

4. Blue Ivy, The Highest Bidder

America’s royal family Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Blue-Ivy Carter attended the second annual Wearable Art Gala on Saturday, where Blue Ivy did a generous amount of bidding on her parents behalf. Blue held her paddle up in a battle with Tyler Perry for an art piece going up to $19,000 however losing to his bid of $20,000. Check out his account of the event, here.

5. Help Chance

The beloved Chance the rapper found himself in an all too relatable predicament this week. That being, not being able to find a vine you can so vividly remember and probably brought up and were the only one who knew what you were talking about. The icon took to Twitter to ask his fans for some much needed help, and as always his fans did not disappoint. Check out the thread, here.



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