Rhythms of Connection

Humans hunger for connection. We crave relationship. We are made to know and to be known. This is because we have been made in the image of God. This God, is in Godself a relationship. God exists as Father, Son and Spirit. A community of connection love, creativity, beauty, strength and honor.

We have been hard wired and created with the capacity + need for that same kind of connection.

But as we have seen, the ways in which we connect and the things we often connect to lead more towards death than life. Even though we want healthy thriving relationships, our connection to people can often feel frayed and wrought with mistrust. When it comes to our relationship with God, we can often desire to be close and connected but not even know where to start or what that even looks like.

This is why God’s people have developed practices over the centuries that keep us in line with what true connection looks like. Without rhythms like these, we would be left to our own best wishes and disappointments. If left alone to our own instincts and desires, we will actually drift farther apart from God, people and all that is good. Imagine floating in the ocean and just hoping that you drift closer to shore. This is often the same way we approach connection to God and people.

With the advancement of technology, we can actually fool ourselves into thinking we are more connected than we really are. Connection has become a passive act that I do by myself behind a screen. I can be alone at my house“connected” to people around the world. Now, this on its own is a great thing! But if we approach connection as a matter of convenience, we will drift and drift not even knowing how far we truly are from shore.

We need to train ourselves how to become the kind of people that are constantly connecting in a deeper way. These practices are how we can

So, now that we have paid attention to the rhythms that make space in our hearts and minds, we shift our attention and energy toward some of the spiritual disciplines that engage us towards the way of life that Jesus lived and invites us into.

The Rhythms of Scripture, Prayer, Community, Worship, and Service serve as a means to connect us to God, God’s people and God’s world in the same way of love that Jesus modeled.

God is inviting us into a life of meaning and and significance in every relationship. There is deep connection available to us if we would only cultivate the intentionality and discipline needed to make this a marker of our lives.

These rhythms are a great place to start!




(I mentioned these during the Rhythms of Space collection of this series but I think it bears repeating, so here you go!)

1. Actually practice it...Like, do the things.

This series is an invitation to actually disrupt the flow of your life and make some intentional choices about how you bring all parts of yourself and your life under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Some of these things will be very familiar and other things will be completely new. But, if you choose to take a risk and intentionally take action, you will open yourself up to a new way of experiencing God and life. But this won’t happen simply by reading. It will require action. Experimentation. An Active Quriosity. 

2. Reflect on what comes up

The reality is that some of what we engage in over the next few weeks will be come very natural to you. Other practices will simple just be...ok. Regardless of which practices you“like” or don’t, there is something to be learned in all of them. Make sure that as you are doing each of these, you are paying attention to what comes up in your own heart and mind. Be sure to capture these things so that you can track your growth over time.(Did I mention we had a worksheet for this??)

3. Don’t do it alone!

This one is simple. You could practice all of these rhythms and you could reflect on your own what you see happening in you while you do them(as you should) but there is something powerful in practicing these things alongside other people. We encourage you to think through two or three other guys who you want to invite into this journey with you. Maybe you plan on meeting up regularly to talk about what is happening with each of you through these rhythms. Maybe you take time to practice them together. Whatever it looks like for you, don’t cheat yourself out of the beauty of seeking growth with others.

Let’s (keep) do(ing) this!


Jonathon grew up in six different states across the Western United States. He made his way to Southern California to attend Vanguard University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. Currently, he is pursuing a Master's of Divinity Degree at Azusa Pacific University where he also works doing campus ministry with college students. Jonathon is passionate about discipleship to Jesus and innovation, especially when those two spaces meet. He aspires to encourage people to live well-curated lives of purpose and passion. You can find Jonathon living in his beloved city of Costa Mesa, California with his amazing wife, Cyndi. Oh yeah, and he is a HUGE Raiders fan.