Dust & Breath Weekly Top 5

Another week down fam, I hope you all enjoyed an amazing Thanksgiving with friends + family. Take this weekend to spend some time making memories with all of your loved ones.


1. Kendall Jenner

Looks like 2017 is Kendall Jenner's year, Miss Jenner was named 2017’s Highest Paid Model. Forbes claims that Kendall brought in an estimated 22 Million this year alone, She has had many large campaigns with companies such as Estee Lauder, La Perla, Adidas and many more. Kendall knocked down long time spot holder Gisele Bundchen to number two. Looks like all the hard work is getting her somewhere.


2. Net Neutrality

If you’re anything like me, you’ve heard this term tossed around the media this week and had zero clue what it meant. Thankfully, there are individuals out there who know what all this IT talk means. Check out this thread, here, explaining it in a simple form.


3. Riverdale

If you have any down time at all this weekend you should most definitely spend that spare time catching up on Riverdale. If you are already caught up, then like me + and a handful of my friends you are probably wondering who the Black hood is. I have had so many ideas run through my mind, but this thread of theories is pretty good. Check it out, here, but be warned there are spoilers if you are not fully caught up.


4. AMA’s

The American Music Awards took place Sunday in Los Angeles and it was a memorable night to say the list. In the midst of all the awards and performances I would have to say the most memorable moment was P!NK’s performance of “Beautiful Trauma”. She performed off the side of a building making it look effortless while also making my slightly nauseated. Check out this unique performance, here.


5. LA Traffic

With Thanksgiving comes a whole lot of commuting for a lot of people in the US. However, if you thought your trip was bad you might want to take a second to look at all of the traffic out of Los Angeles as people prepared to head out for the holiday, here.



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