Dust & Breath Weekly Top 5

Hi Fam! After a short break I am back with five things that went down this week for you to check out. Kick back and have a restful and relaxing weekend.  


1. Game Of Thrones Leaked

Earlier this week, HBO found themselves victims of a leak after season 7 episode 6 played all across Europe. However, the scandal is all due to HBO themselves. Check out all the details from an article by The Independent, here.


2. DeadPool 2: Stunt Tragedy

This week the Hollywood stunt community was left devastated and questioning their safety after a tragic incident on the Vancouver set of Deadpool 2. Professional racer, SJ Harris, died after the filming of a Ducati race scene quickly went south. There is plenty of commentary circulating this incident and you can read all about it, here.


3. Late Night Host’s on Charlottesville

Without a doubt this past week has been one of the craziest in our country. Now more than ever do we need to be in continual prayer for our nation and the hate that consumes it. It was refreshing to find this video of late night hosts not choosing to be silent on the matter, but rather make statements on the issues. Check out the video, here.


4. The Spotted Cheetah: Bon Apetit

We all have that one friend that has an uncomfortable obsession with Hot Cheetos. Today is their day to thrive because a New York City restaurant has opened with a menu that is centered around the flaming puff. From Hot Cheetos tacos to Mac N’ Cheese, they have it all! See for yourself, here.


5. Chris Brown Documentary

Chris Brown: Welcome to my Life, the documentary is gaining publicity as the artist recalls the night he assaulted Rihanna. This infamous incident forever changed both of their careers and was a very dark time. He recalls feeling like a complete monster and feeling the weight of his truly horrific actions, watch a teaser for the documentary, here.



Andrew is from Las Vegas, Nevada and is a junior at Vanguard University in Southern California studying Communications. Andrew loves people and Pop Culture. You can find him drinking an iced vanilla latte surrounded by friends.