Rhythms of Space

To start this thing off, for the next few weeks we will be looking at the Rhythms we can set up in our life to carve out s p a c e in our hearts, time, and mind to allow the spirit to create in us the character of Christ.  

This is waaay easier said than done. In this current cultural moment, we are living in what some are calling the attention economy. There are millions of dollars being spent by companies right now to create innovative ways to distract you. Have you ever laid down to go to sleep and it feels like your thoughts are a crowded room full of people yelling? It’s a crowd featuring the last 100 Instagram posts you saw, the memes, youtube videos, Netflix shows, not to mention the thoughts leftover from our busy week last week and the one before that and the one before that. When I look at Scripture, I see a God who is not in the slightest interested in a shouting match. I see a God who has much for us if we would lean in and listen. If we would stay awhile.

So then our task becomes about emptying out that crowded room and releasing those voices that keep shouting at us. This is where we need to start. This is where transformation begins. To add on a bunch of spiritual practices and activities to our already busy, burdened and hurried heart would be to reduce The Spirit’s work to just another thing jockeying for our attention and would only set us up for failure. True spirituality is about subtraction, not addition. We must start by making space and releasing our worries, anxiety and distractions so that the Spirit can begin a new work in us.

 The practices that help us to do this will be the focus of the next few weeks...

Images by Beto Castillo

Images by Beto Castillo

How to get the most out of this series

  1. Actually practice it...Like, do the things.
    This series is an invitation to actually disrupt the flow of your life and make some intentional choices about how you bring all parts of yourself and your life under the influence of the Holy Spirit.
    Some of these things will be very familiar and other things will be completely new. But, if you choose to take a risk and intentionally take action, you will open yourself up to a new way of experiencing God and life. But this won’t happen simply by reading. It will require action. Experimentation. An Active Quriosity.
  2. Reflect on what comes up
    The reality is that some of what we engage in over the next few weeks will be come very natural to you. Other practices will simple just be...ok. Regardless of which practices you “like” or don’t, there is something to be learned in all of them. Make sure that as you are doing each of these, you are paying attention to what comes up in your own heart and mind. Be sure to capture these things so that you can track your growth over time. (Did I mention we had a worksheet for this??)
  3. Don’t do it alone!
    This one is simple. You could practice all of these rhythms and you could reflect on your own what you see happening in you while you do them (as you should) but there is something powerful in practicing these things alongside other people. We encourage you to think through two or three other guys who you want to invite into this journey with you. Maybe you plan on meeting up regularly to talk about what is happening with each of you through these rhythms. Maybe you take time to practice them together. Whatever it looks like for you, don’t cheat yourself out of the beauty of seeking growth with others.  

Let’s do this!


Jonathon Murillo

Jonathon grew up in six different states across the Western United States. He made his way to Southern California to attend Vanguard University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. Currently, he is pursuing a Master's of Divinity Degree at Azusa Pacific University where he also works doing campus ministry with college students. Jonathon is passionate about discipleship to Jesus and innovation, especially when those two spaces meet. He aspires to encourage people to live well-curated lives of purpose and passion. You can find Jonathon living in his beloved city of Costa Mesa, California with his amazing wife, Cyndi. Oh yeah, and he is a HUGE Raiders fan.