Building Creation Economies

Our friends at FLDWRK are reimagining what it means to work for the common good. Through their workspaces, start up programs, and events, FLDWRK is connecting creators, builders, do-ers and dreamers together so that even the most vulnerable among us can flourish.

Jeff Tanner, the Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of FLDWRK wrote a three part series exploring what he calls “Building Creation Economies.” In this series Jeff takes a look at how we got to our current understanding of work and leisure. Then he takes it back to Genesis to redeem (or rather, rediscover) what work is and what it means to be a creator.

Jeff has made this series available to us in hopes that we can continue to explore our own identity and vocation and what that understanding could mean for our contribution to the common good.

Click, here, to read about what it means to be a Creator.

Part 1: Building Creation Economies: The Confounding Merger of Work and Leisure

On a Sunday morning in February of 2013, I began a journey that has been transforming the way I understand my life and work. In a profound spiritual encounter, I was called out of an 8 year career in banking that had brought comfort and control to me and my family, and God gave me two objectives: 1. Have my identity rooted in him, and 2. Live a life of adventure.

As I began the transition out of my job and into an unknown adventure where I would begin challenging my previously held understanding of work, a cultural transition was happening in the entertainment industry, which was also challenging my understanding of leisure...

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Part 2: Building Creation Economies: What is Work?

In the book of Genesis, we’re told a story about work. We’re introduced to a creator God as he’s performing his initial acts of work in our world. First, he created the original structure and foundation of everything–heavens and earth, light and darkness, and water, sky, and land. Then came vegetation, sun, moon, and stars in rotation, creatures of the sea, birds of the air, and beasts of the fields. 

He called them good.

Then he did something different…. 

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Part 3: Building Creation Economies: What Does it Mean to be a Creator?

In this series, entitled Building Creation Economies, I’ve talked about The Confounding Merger of Work and Leisure and What is Work?. Now, let’s look at what it means to be a creator. I propose three components.

  1. Creators are rooted in their identity

  2. Creators display artistry

  3. Creators make meaning for others

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For Jeff, adventure is exploring new lands and new ideas. It’s finding beauty in bleak Wisconsin winters and the break of dawn over California. And it’s about launching things for a better world.