Dust & Breath's Weekly Top 5

Hey guys! This week, I want to focus my efforts toward the thing that allows “stalking” to be a time consuming activity instead of a felony. That’s right, we're talking about social media. (Well, really just Instagram but you get the picture. I swear that pun wasn’t on purpose.)

Here are some interesting Instagram pages for you guys to follow. Be sure to follow along our Dust & Breath account, here.


1. Sports

Sports is an entire universe in itself when you think about it. For the average sports fan to keep track of everything is a difficult task and it can be seemingly impossible to keep up with everything that is going on with your favorite teams.

Luckily, there is a page that has got you covered. Bleacher Report is your one-stop sports media page, they provide coverage and stories on the latest sports news, as well as weekly little cartoons and animations to keep their viewers entertained. They have a Facebook and Twitter page as well. Check them out, here.


2. Music/Pop Culture

COMPLEX Magazine and Media is a modern era news source providing the latest in news from all areas, but where they truly shine is the music scene. Want to know about the newest artists and releases? Check out COMPLEX, here.


3. Funny

If you have a Dad, and you have ever wondered on at 10:30 on a Saturday morning, “What in the name of all that is holy is this dude wearing?” Allow me to first say, we feel your pain, and if you’re interested we have a support group that meets regularly and we would love to hear you vent. (Bring pictures so we can share in your embarrassment)

But also, in knowing that you are not alone, just know that there are dads out there that dress worse. Much, much, MUCH worse. Or better, depending on your level of cynicism.

Anyway check out @fashiondads_ on Instagram, it’s pretty great, here.


4. Lifestyle/Exploration

On The Roofs with Vadim Makhorov is an account by photographer and traveler Vadim Makhorov (big surprise there). His page is full of amazing photos of places hes journeyed and things I’m way to scared to climb. 

So I live vicariously through him on Instagram. Check out his page, here.


5. Netflix: "The Get Down"

WHAAAAAT?! No YouTube post this week? 

I know, I know, look, its been a slow week on YouTube ok? Moving on….

The first 6 episode season of the Netflix original show The Get Down was wildly popular among Netflix frequents, and the second season will be airing today on Netflix, you should watch it, I know I will be.


Brannon is a currently a senior at Vanguard University, studying Communications. Brannon loves people and enjoys spending time with his close friends but also making new ones on a daily basis. Brannon loves basketball and tacos, though the order in which those are done is crucial.