Dust & Breath's Weekly Top 5

What’s up guys, this week, I have 5 more things you just gotta check out. I’m gonna do my best to give a good balance of funny and meaningful with this list. There were some things that happened in these past couple of days that should not be ignored. Also, we took a little break this past Good Friday through Easter. 

With that being said lets get into it.

1. YouTube: The School of Life

This channel. Wow. Ok, so the school of life isn’t just a YouTube channel, it’s a whole brand/company made by some wonderful British folk. That’s a win in itself because you know the British do everything with style and class, like really, they could recite the exact lyrics to a Migos song and I would call it Shakespeare.

The School of Life posts films three times a week on its YouTube channel - which has 2.1 million subscribers. The films cover a variety of topics related to emotional intelligence and culture. Check them out, here.


2. Sports: NBA Playoffs Race

In all fairness, there is a lot to cover in sports from the past few weeks. LaVar Ball and his now expected antics, Tony Romo retiring from football only to suit up in a Dallas Mavericks uniform (he played quarterback. In football. A completely different sport, and he gets to play pro before I do. I’m not bitter you’re bitter.) 

Beside the point, the biggest story for this week in sports in my opinion, is the seeding of the 2017 NBA Playoffs. HOLY COW THE CAVS ARE A 2 SEED.

What does this mean for greatness? Are we ready for an influx of insta-haters posting “L” on any picture LeBron posts from now til June? Find out on the next episode of NBA Basketball. Anime fans get the reference.

Peep the playoff picture, here.


3. Music: Kendrick FREAKING Lamar

My goodness, I’m shaking as I’m typing this one. Kendrick is set to release his album entitled “DAMN.” today, fans are waiting in anticipation for the next round of Kendrick’s bars and for him to reclaim the throne in the Kingdom of Rap. 

If by the time this is posted the album is already out and you haven’t bought or streamed it, GET THE LED OUT AND GO GET THIS ALBUM.


4. Politics/Social Matters: My Political Piece

So here’s where I’m going to get serious. For the last few months I have been feeling the effects of the current political status of our nation in my own way, much like I assume the rest of you have felt it in your own way. That could mean by feeling emotions and thinking big thoughts about your future, your family’s future and your nations future. Or, it could mean you just went along business as usual, because it occurred to you that, maybe this won’t affect you as much as you think it may. 

I want to say, whatever side of this spectrum you find yourself on, I support it, and I fully support your choosing it, but I also ask, is that all that you feel is required of you? Is there a necessary extra effort that should be given toward understanding those who stand on the opposite side of this political mass? I believe so, so I am currently writing a post on what it looks like to be a Man of God first, and a political party member second. 

I hope to have this piece with y’all shortly, but until then, I’ll leave you with this.

Before we were conservative or liberal, before we were democrats or republicans, before we were minority or majority, we were His. And we still are His.


5. Celebrity/Entertainment: Charlie Murphy

Charlie Murphy, a gifted actor and comedian, passed away on Wednesday after losing his battle with cancer. The man was talented, came from talented roots, his brother being Eddie Murphy. Not much I can say about the man except he was gifted, talented and wildly funny. Hopefully he saved his best jokes for the hereafter. The Father does enjoy a good laugh.


Brannon is a currently a senior at Vanguard University, studying Communications. Brannon loves people and enjoys spending time with his close friends but also making new ones on a daily basis. Brannon loves basketball and tacos, though the order in which those are done is crucial.