Dust & Breath's Weekly Top 5

The internet is regarded as the cornerstone to the millennial generation, it's gifted us the opportunity to share our lives with millions of people- collectively voice our opinions on topics of politics and government all the way through questions about humanity, and it has also become the undisputed home of videos where cats do hilarious things.

However, with so much space for the internet to breed creation, humans can more or less fall into a rut. Consistently and relentlessly hitting the same sites for information and insight into life, or even just to provide an escape from it. I am no less guilty than the next individual in that regard, a literal 35% of my weekly life is spent on YouTube (that’s me being modest).

And I’m not here to argue that I know where you should go to find interesting things and expand your worldview, but I am saying, as much time as I spend on this Mac, I must know a thing or two.

So what the heck, I’m going try this out, and if you feel like following, I’d love for you to try this with me. So here are my top 5 things you should search for on the internet this week.

1. Music

Relevant Magazine is a bi-monthly (twice a month, had to Google it) online magazine that covers topics ranging from God to music to sports to culture. This week I found an article with a picture of Chance the Rapper on it, so naturally it was the first thing I clicked.

“Faith Is Changing the Way People Think About Music” by Marc Barnes is a fantastic read and journey into religion and its place in the musical world. I recommend reading it, here.

2. Sports/Sports Lifestyle

The Player’s Tribune, is a sports news website that exclusively offers content authored and edited by professional athletes.

Many individuals do not know that this month is Women’s History Month, but for Michael Bennett, a defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks, the subject hits close to home. Find out why in his article “Why I Stand with the Women’s Strike", here.

3. Politics

ProPublica.org, an investigative journalism website founded by Paul Steiger, former managing editor for The Wall Street Journal.

The article I read from their site (I’m mainly plugging the website but this looked like a good read) had to do with President Trump and is plans for the “boarder wall” that has begun the first stages of planning to be built, read it, here.

4. Culture/Pop Culture 

Interested in seeing the new movie “Logan”? I’m sure you are, if for no other reason the producers used a Johnny Cash song in the trailer.

Well Relevant Magazine has a couple of interesting articles and videos, including Hugh Jackman dubbing over some of the more intense scenes of the film. Check them out, here.

5. YouTube

Ah my ever favorite category of internet interest. This week I will be giving out a throwback to not just a great video, but an amazing channel.

Wisecrack is a channel created by comedians/intellectuals that help to break down and explain the concepts behind some of our favorite media items. Comic books, books, movies, music….Wisecrack does it all.

My favorite video series is a series called “Thug Notes” it centers around a stereotypical thug, who has an unyielding passion for literature, and enjoys explaining the concepts of books to his “well-read ballers”. If you are like me, and don’t enjoy reading much, but do enjoy storytelling and the ability to comprehend and be entertained by literature, “Thug Notes” is the video series for you. Check out Wisecrack’s channel below, here.

Brannon Andrews

Brannon is a currently a senior at Vanguard University, studying Communications. Brannon loves people and enjoys spending time with his close friends but also making new ones on a daily basis. Brannon loves basketball and tacos, though the order in which those are done is crucial.