ReThink: Solidarity Music Playlist

This month's playlist is a lecture in the struggles and experiences of oppressed people and more specifically, because its Black History Month, people of color.  These songs are pregnant with righteous anger, lament, frustration, and even hope.  The playlist is longer than usual, but is a complete thought nonetheless.  At times it will be hard to listen to for many listeners. All songs are purposefully unedited versions and some of the topics will be tough to swallow.  Nonetheless, I find it necessary to leave the music unadulterated for the sake of the message.  I challenge you to hear the struggles and really listen intently to the lyrics before you.  Only through listening, humility, and a willingness to be uncomfortable can we achieve a right understanding of solidarity, empathy, and inclusive love.

Noah McKeown

Noah is a drummer and percussionist with many years of experience teaching, performing live, and recording in the studio. In high school, Noah fell in love with music and decided to study classical music at Vanguard University. After college, Noah moved to Los Angeles and continued to stay busy working professionally in a variety of musical settings outside of the university environment. Apart from working as a percussionist, Noah enjoys surfing, craft beverages of all sorts, hockey, and spending time with his cute golden retriever.