Dust & Breath Weekly Top 5

Whether you're eating left over Christmas cookies or figuring out what to do with that amazon gift card you got, kick back and read 5 things that happened this week in pop culture.

1. Kim Kardashians Christmas

You’re probably wondering what went through Kanye West's mind when he went Christmas shopping for his wife Kim. If you're Kanye you give her a box with Adidas socks, apple headphones, and a Mickey Mouse doll. As well as gift cards to Netflix and amazon. This might seem random but our guy gave her another box that showed that he bought her stocks in all of those companies for Christmas; we now have the inside scoop on how the rich stay rich friends.

2. Prince Harry Interviews Former President Obama

Earlier this week BBC welcomed a special guest, Prince Harry to interview former president Obama. Prince Harry asked him questions reflecting everything from life after the White House, Friends, and the the age old question boxers or briefs. Watch the interview, here.

3. Khloe’s 6 Months

After khloe kardashian took to instagram to confirm her pregnancy it wasn't long before fans were curious as to how far along she is. After a fan tweeted khloe she responded and said she is six months into her pregnancy. Looks like she and Tristan will be welcoming a Spring baby.

4. Chrissy Teigen flies LAX to LAX

After Chrissy Teigen she flight this week she has a pretty good story for cocktail hour. Chrissy and her husband Johns flight turned around after 4 hours of the planned 11 because one passenger was on the wrong flight. I was befuddled reading her tweets, check them out, here.

5. Solange Cancels NYE Performance

It was recently announced that Solange Knowles was canceling her New Years Eve performance in light of a recent diagnosis. She took to Instagram to share a few words with her fans. She shared that for the past five months she's been quietly treating for an autonomic disease. See her post, here.



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