Introducing the Work Skills Series

My first job was an office job where I input contact information from a pile of business cards into an office database system. Even writing that sentence was boring. It was mindless and uninspiring. However, looking back at that job, and the many unimpressive jobs I’ve had since then, it taught me a lot about how to be a good worker. 

When started that job I had zero work skills. Now, I’m not talking about tangible works skills such as Excel, Adobe Illustrator, etc. (even though I didn’t have any of those either…it was a miracle I got hired). 

I’m talking about the intangible work skills such as people skills and proactivity. 

I learned about the importance of these skills along the way in my first job. But what’s fascinating is this: I have found that with each job I have had, these intangible skills are just as (and usually even more) vital. 

In this series we are going to explore a few of those intangible work skills. The hope is that you would – whether you are in your first job, eighth job, or you have found your career sweet-spot – learn about, and be inspired to grow in, some of these essential and intangible work skills. 

We hope you enjoy!

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David Beavis

Eating lots of food and looking at pictures of puppies are couple of ingredients to David's perfect day. The driving passion of David's life is walking alongside people as they figure out what it means to follow Jesus today. David holds a B.A. in Psychology from Vanguard University and an M.A. in Theology from Talbot School of Theology. He currently works at Mariners Church in Irvine on the High School Ministry team. David lives in Costa Mesa, CA, with his amazing wife Laura.