Goal Guide: Developmental Goals

As the New Year began I decide to take the opportunity to look back over 2016 to see the areas that I need growth most. Both areas that I saw fell under the theme of my development, which of course I loved. I hope the sarcasm was felt in the last sentence.

One of the biggest and most serious realizations of 2016 is how much I was reading. Yes, I am here to tell you stop reading! Well maybe not all together. I realized that because I am in school pursuing my masters I am constantly reading. I spent so much time gaining head knowledge about who Jesus is and what he wants for me, that my heart forgot who He was. Now, I must be truly honest, that this is due to lack of self-care, but it happened nonetheless.  This is why I made the decision to stop reading for school, if I could. I started a couple books that were for me and with a couple days I could already see the impact it had on my soul. I t is so important to take time to not only develop your mind, but to spend adequate time developing your soul as well. There is such a difference between mind and soul development. School truly helps to develop your mind, but only you and Jesus can do the work that it takes to develop your soul. Thankfully, this is my final quarter. And thankfully, I was able to identify my needs before I lost total control.

I also started to realize that I was finding displeasure in my relationship with God, which impart was due to my displeasure with the mundane. I was failing in this area, which pushed me to find answers and that’s just what happened. This is what I found:

The Crucible of our formation is in the anonymous monotony of our daily routine.


This year I am going to take those mundane daily routines and pursue growth. I want to develop myself in those areas. An example of this is in making the bed. I hate making the bed and when I say I hate I MEAN I HATE IT.  There is no point in making the bed to me. However, what if it had nothing to do with making the bed at all, but creating a tangible moment of service and space creating to sit with God. In the morning when you wake up and start to make your bed, you realize that there is an empty space that has now been created on your bed. The motion of making your bed has woken your body up so that now when you are done making your bed you are able to sit and meditate for a few minutes without falling asleep.

2017 is a year of taking time to develop you in new ways, even if it means something as simple as making the bed.

Abraham Musto

Abraham grew up in the middle of California before he made his way to Orange County for Vanguard University. He graduated with a degree in Biblical studies and is currently pursuing his Master of Arts in Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. More recently Abraham has relocated to San Diego to be a Middle School Director. If there is people, coffee, and good conversation that is generally where you will find him.