Dust & Breath Weekly Top 5

Another Week Down Fam, Whether you’re celebrating with Kim + Kanye or looking for Kylie take time to do something that brings you life this weekend.

1. Kardashian-West Party of 5

Kim and Kanye welcomed their third child early Monday. The famous duo welcomed a healthy baby girl who has yet to be named. Kim posted to her app letting her fans know that the baby was safe and healthy, and gave a huge thank you to their surrogate for helping them in such an amazing way. While pictures or the baby's name have yet to be released, it might be just a matter of time since Kim has been posting all of her congrats gifts on her social media.

2. Jonas Brothers Reunion

Earlier this week fans were left wondering if the Jo Bros could possibly be reuniting after their band instagram was reactivated. While there is no clear reason or explanation as to why this happened, fans are going wild. Check out this article, here, from E! To see all the hype.

3. Timothee Chalamet

22 year old actor Timothee Chalamet made headlines for a bold move he made concerning a film he was in, directed by Woody Allen. In light of the high tension within Hollywood currently, Chalamet has decided to donate his entire salary to three charities, Times Up being one of the three. He stated that this year has changed his perspective on how he choses projects. He decided that he did not want to profit from this film and made the choice to donate his salary to a greater cause.

4. Mckayla Maroney’s NDA

Famous gymnast Mckayla Maroney has had an interesting week to say the least. Earlier this week it became public that her USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar (Who acted inappropriately with her and a plethora of athletes) would go on trial for his actions. However, Maroney signed a non disclosure agreement that would place her with a $100,000 fine if she spoke in court. After hearing about this Kristen Bell and Chrissy Teigen told Maroney they would pay her fine if she spoke out against him in court. Thankfully, a rep for USA Gymnastics told her she would not be charged a fine if she spoke out the day after Bell and Teigan offered their support.

5. American Crime Story: Versace

The Highly anticipated season of American Crime Story aired Wednesday night on FX. The season titled “The Assassination of Gianni Versace” looks to tell the story of how the famous creator of the luxury brand Versace was assassinated in his Miami Mansion. Check out it out Wednesday nights at 10 on FX.



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