September Monthly Music Playlist: Dust & Breath, The Origin Story

This month's playlist is a journey and in honor of the launch of Dust & Breath.

  1. For Beginners - M. Ward
    At the start, I interpret this song to be about the excitement and bliss of being young and having dreams. Also, about having the joy of being able to make anything of your future. It takes from old hymns and biblical narratives. I believe it says we can either take the "standard approach" to life in the Spirit or we can try to explore life as a man in the Spirit. Dust & Breath is choosing to explore this commonality of manhood that we share by breaking it's stereotypes, and commune with God more fully. 

  2. Ultralight Beam - Kanye West
    Kanye's parallel to Paul's conversion reminds me of the vision of Dust & Breath. When Jonathon Murillo, The Founder of Dust & Breath shared his vision, there was so much epiphany, ambition, and joy in his voice and spirit. It was undeniable that this was a divine calling. 

  3. Love's in Need of Love Today - Stevie Wonder
    The Founder of Dust & Breath saw a need for men...A real need. And Jonathon defined it so specifically and knew exactly how to make it happen. 

  4. Imagine - Herbie Hancock Version

  5. Wake up Everybody - The Roots, John Legend, Common, Melanie Fioana

  6. We are Stronger - Gungor

  7. Heroes - David Bowie
    These four songs both imagine a world in which people acted for the sake of others. They dream about what the world would look like if people came together with their gifts and skills and worked for the benefit of the whole. Sort of like a call to 'wake up' and see the vision for unity and growth. These songs re-engage the listeners mind and forces them to think about it before the rest of the playlist recaptures the vibe from the beginning songs.

  8. Blue Sky - Common
    The slap in the face comeback moment of the playlist where the urban contemporary vibe returns. You can't help but notice and be engaged. It's a song about how the artist Common came to become Common and how seeing his dreams come to fruition was a battle, yet it was also a gift from God that he couldn't be more thankful for and undeserving of. 

  9. Finish Line/Drown - Chance the Rapper
    A story of how God carried the artist Chance the Rapper through life. Through the good and the bad and how he's so thankful for that. Drown is a story of God taking care of us through times when the waters seem too deep.

  10. Lovely Day - Bill Withers
    A retrospective look on a life well live. Full of gratitude and joy for all he's experienced 

Noah Mckeown

Noah is a drummer and percussionist with many years of experience teaching, performing live, and recording in the studio. In high school, Noah fell in love with music and decided to study classical music at Vanguard University. After college, Noah moved to Los Angeles and continued to stay busy working professionally in a variety of musical settings outside of the university environment. Apart from working as a percussionist, Noah enjoys surfing, craft beverages of all sorts, hockey, and spending time with his cute golden retriever.