5 Apps You Need While You Travel

One of my favorite things to do in life is to go on an adventure. My wife and I are the type of people who when considering a vacation, we will always choose somewhere new. (Our five year anniversary is coming up and we are pondering to go somewhere like the Greek Islands, New Zealand, or the Middle East. More details to come) Over the years we have been blessed with the opportunity to visit Toronto, the US Virgin Islands, Maui, and Puerto Vallarta, and cities all over the USA. In our time together, we have discovered some of the best apps that have helped make our trip memorable. Not only that, but let’s be real, traveling is costly, these apps will hopefully all help with that. Here are five must have apps for traveling! 

VRBO was the Airbnb before Airbnb. It is a website where people put their houses, cottages, villas, and mansions up for people to rent. You can search by location, price, type of home, or all the above. The best part is because it has been around longer than Airbnb, you can find places with many reviews. If it is your first time using the app, you'll want to book somewhere with many reviews (over 50) and a high rating (4 stars or more). Finally, don’t forget to negotiate prices. Let them know your range and more often than not, I have found people to be very flexible and reasonable. 

This app has served us very well in our traveling experience, especially in cities where we used a rental car. Essentially you type in the address where you are headed and the app will populate all the parking options in a five mile radius and you can pick the option that is most affordable for the time you plan to spend there. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that this app can save you anywhere from 50%-75% off. 

This app is the global Yelp. You can find anything and everything to do in a location with trip advisor. Find the most visited touristy spots and also the more “local” places as well. Make sure to browse the locations and see what people say about getting there and how to have the best experience. 

This app isamazing when it comes to booking flights. The app records every low cost flight from whatever you choose as your “home airport.” I have even seen a $80 RT flight from LAX to Colombia. Yes, you read that right. The best part is that when there are computer errors, you will get notified and can find incredible deals. Just be ready to book your flights on the spot as they will go quick! 

My wife and I are sports fanatics and being such we are always looking to attend professional sports events. Seat geek is a ticket resale app that actually rates how good of a deal each ticket is going for using a scale from 0-100 (the closer to 100, the better the deal). I prefer this app to stub hub because it takes listings from more than one site and the real trick is waiting until 2 hours before the event and then purchasing your ticket. You will find the craziest prices. (I found NFL tix for $17 each on this app). Good luck! 

Aizaiah Yong

Aizaiah is a compassionate and visionary leader who has a heart for ministry and people. He spent the past five years serving as an Associate Pastor at a local church and has recently transitioned into higher education leadership focusing on Diversity and Intercultural Development. He is husband to his wife, Neddy Yong for 4 years and a father to his newborn baby girl, Serenity Joy. Aizaiah loves adventure, sports, and meeting people! He has a deep passion to inspire anybody who will listen to join in on God's renewing work in the community and world. He is currently working at Vanguard University as the lead for Diversity and Inclusion and resides with his family in Anaheim, California.