Advent Playlist Vol. 2: Peace On Earth, Goodwill To Men

Christmas is a season of joy, selflessness, and community.  It is a time when we collectively realize that Emmanuel is here to liberate and save us. These themes are most evident in the songs we sing this time of year, making our Christmas bonus playlist ripe with celebration, hope, calls for peace, and openness.  Enjoy with family and friends, let it be a soundtrack of glad tidings this holiday season.  

Merry Christmas.

Noah McKeown
Instagram & Twitter: @Noahmccutie

Noah is a drummer and percussionist with many years of experience teaching, performing live, and recording in the studio. In high school, Noah fell in love with music and decided to study classical music at Vanguard University. After college, Noah moved to Los Angeles and continued to stay busy working professionally in a variety of musical settings outside of the university environment. Apart from working as a percussionist, Noah enjoys surfing, craft beverages of all sorts, hockey, and spending time with his cute golden retriever.