Advent Playlist Vol. 1

“What would Christianity look like if the focus were birth, not death; human flourishing, not suffering; and this world, not the next?”  That question occupies my headspace every December.  The first time it came to me was some three and a half years ago.  It was then that I endured a spiritual awakening (some may say crisis) of sorts.  I was full of doubt, uncertainty, and questions regarding everything I grew up believing.  It wasn’t until my first Advent season as a skeptic, that I came to terms with my faith and learned to embrace doubt and uncertainty as the necessary dance partners of faith.  Through it all I learned the importance of an existential mind, of focusing on the now, on my own influence as a child of God.  

The season of Advent is a time of intentional anticipation; of looking ahead to the new ways that God’s love might be born among us. It is a time to celebrate the surprising nature of faith–to expect the unexpected, and take joy in the unknown, here and now.  As you enjoy this first D&B Advent playlist, I challenge you to meditate on the lyrics and how they can shift your focus to the present, to our collective need for Emmanuel today.  

Noah McKeown

Noah is a drummer and percussionist with many years of experience teaching, performing live, and recording in the studio. In high school, Noah fell in love with music and decided to study classical music at Vanguard University. After college, Noah moved to Los Angeles and continued to stay busy working professionally in a variety of musical settings outside of the university environment. Apart from working as a percussionist, Noah enjoys surfing, craft beverages of all sorts, hockey, and spending time with his cute golden retriever.