3 Things To Do When You Are Frustrated

A few weeks ago, I had “one of those days.” It seemed like I couldn’t get a break. I woke up, walked outside and my car had been towed overnight. It was towed 40 minutes from my house and I already live an hour from work.

Later that day, I had a flight booked and that flight was cancelled. Finally, as the day was winding down, I was playing with my daughter and she ended up falling and gashing the corner of her eye just time for her birthday party pictures. At the end of the day, we planned to go to a drive in-movie theater for a new release, only to find out, the drive in had technical issues and the movie theater was closed down. While things could have been much worse, I was pretty frustrated by the end of the day. Here’s a few things I chose to do at the end of the day that were helpful to me in re-grounding myself. 

Embrace the Moment

The temptation is to forget our bad days, but rather than that, the question I Asked myself is what did I learn from today? At the very least, I felt as though I could relate more deeply to others who may have had similar experiences and it made me more aware of how to be sensitive to how others might be feeling on any given day.

Be Grateful

The fact you are feeling something, means you are alive. That is at least one thing to be grateful for. And the reality of any experience, good or bad, is that experiences don’t last forever. If we want to receive the good in life, we must be willing to receive all of life. Regardless of what happens, we are never left without the power to choose a posture of gratitude. This is the posture that realizes there is more at work in our lives than just fate, chance, or bad luck. At minimum, the series of unfortunate events can help us appreciate the moments of bliss and happiness all the more.


Rather than allowing negative events to send us into the “woe is me” Tell your truth to someone else. Be vulnerable and remember that things won’t always be this. Find the irony in the events, find the ridiculousness in what is happening, and laugh. It will help us not take things so serious and find a joy that is hidden beneath even life’s frustrations.

We all have those days. Don’t make war with them, accept them, learn from them, and embrace this mysterious gift of life we have all been granted.  

Aizaiah Yong

Aizaiah is a compassionate and visionary leader who has a heart for ministry and people. He spent the past five years serving as an Associate Pastor at a local church and has recently transitioned into higher education leadership focusing on Diversity and Intercultural Development. He is husband to his wife, Neddy Yong for 4 years and a father to his newborn baby girl, Serenity Joy. Aizaiah loves adventure, sports, and meeting people! He has a deep passion to inspire anybody who will listen to join in on God's renewing work in the community and world. He is currently working at Vanguard University as the lead for Diversity and Inclusion and resides with his family in Anaheim, California.