October Monthly Music Playlist: Cool Tunes For Colder Days

What comes to mind when you think of the fall and winter seasons?  After all the delicious comfort food and family time, the thing that I associate with the cooler seasons is textures and layers.  Knit sweaters, rough and brittle fall leaves, crisp air cold enough to see your own breath, rain, the feeling of the smog and humidity being trapped in by the overcast weather (if you live in Los Angeles like me) to name a few.  It’s all very existential, much like this month’s playlist.  The compilation below is overall pretty mellow and vibey in energy.  It’s also incredibly diverse.  

These songs are jam packed with instrumental layers and textures, everything from heavy use of overdrive and vocoders to completely unadulterated vocals.  It’s laid out in two parts.  Think of the first eight songs as your morning - early afternoon tunes and the second eight songs as your late afternoon - evening tunes.   I had a blast putting together this mentally engaging and yet easy listening playlist.  Enjoy!



Noah is a drummer and percussionist with many years of experience teaching, performing live, and recording in the studio. In high school, Noah fell in love with music and decided to study classical music at Vanguard University. After college, Noah moved to Los Angeles and continued to stay busy working professionally in a variety of musical settings outside of the university environment. Apart from working as a percussionist, Noah enjoys surfing, craft beverages of all sorts, hockey, and spending time with his cute golden retriever.